Passport to Trespass Volume IV

you will miss me when i burn is the fourth volume in this series. this new collection takes on a different look and feel than that of the previous three volumes. Volume IV; you will miss me when i burn, is a funeral for Polaroid. Faced with the announcement marking the end of production for Polaroid film earlier this year, Kennedy used his last 20 packs of Polaroid’s Time-Zero to take one portrait of as many of his past subjects as possible. Half way through the project the battery in the film cartridges failed rendering the film useless, forcing Kennedy to, in absolute darkness, unload the precious film out of the dead packs into freshly emptied cartridges from Polaroid’s 600 film, thus extending the life a little longer. Every picture dated as a testament to the end; every one marking the death of Polaroid

Published 2008
44 full color pages, casewrapped-hardcover binding.
Signed and numbered
$40 (includes shipping and handling*)
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Printed as a special edition collection limited to 50 copies.